Online Reception Desk

You can use the following forms without a log in to try and get things done without calling the practice.

Non-urgent advice: Important

Please do not use this if you are pregnant , under 16 or on the gold standards framework.

Online reception desk explained

Request an appointment

Cancel appointment

With any member of staff

Medication Queries

Order medication, report side effects, chase prescriptions, change pharmacies.

Get a sick / fit note

If you already have a sick / fit note and wish to extend the period of absence from work, then you can do this by completing an online form.

Referral Queries

Use this form if you know you need a referral (eg. because another health professional has advised it), if you need a private referral, or if a referral has been made and you now have problems with the referral process.

Speed up hospital appointment

Been referred and its taking too long, use this form.

Pill check

Before starting please have a blood pressure reading and weight (in Kg), taken within the last 2 weeks, at hand. You can use the equipment in the self monitoring room at the practice, just pop in and ask the receptionist to show you where it is. Or some pharmacies and gyms have equipment as well.

Submit blood pressure readings

To submit blood pressure readings to the clinical team.