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Diabetes services

How we support people with diabetes

There are a number of services that can help you when it comes to looking after yourself if you have diabetes.

Routine care

The majority of people with diabetes are looked after by the practice diabetes team.

We like to see all people with diabetes twice a year, once during their annual health check and a blood test 6 months later
You will receive an invite for the annual health check. This appointment will be with a nurse and you will need to have a blood test before the appointment.

There are times when you will need to be seen more often than Once a year, for example after you are first diagnosed or if problems are detected during one of the routine reviews. We arrange these additional reviews as needed and may be with a nurse or one of the Drs.

The practice team

There are 3 nurses in the team Georgina Sneath,Jessica Kirkbride and Caroline Kennedy. Jessica Kirkbride and Georgina Sneath are Advanced Nurse Prescribers and able to prescribe diabetes medications.

The diabetes lead for the practice is Dr Chris Mills.

Specialist care

If there is a particular problem identified with your diabetes care that we cannot help you with in the practice, then we will refer you to a specialist service.

For the majority of specialist problems we use Leeds Community Healthcare diabetes service, though for some people we also refer to Wharfedale General Hospital or St. James’s.

Self help and support groups

There are 8,760 hours in a year and over a year you will only spend 2 to 3 hours receiving support and advice about your diabetes from professionals. The vast majority of care comes from ‘self care’.

We suggest that all people who develop diabetes should attend the self management education programme, which is 6 hours of extra education offered to those with a new diagnosis of diabetes (your nurse will mention it).

There is also a local PEP Diabetes support group as we recognise people live with diabetes for years and so need on-going support and advice.

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