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Measles outbreak in Leeds

There has been a small number of children who have caught measles in east Leeds, as yet we have not had any reported cases in our area.

Outbreaks of measles can happen anywhere at any time. Wherever you live, it’s important that your children or teenagers are up to date with their MMR and other childhood vaccinations.

If your child has already had two doses of MMR vaccine, you don’t need to worry.

Similarly, if your child had their first dose of MMR as a baby, but they are not yet old enough to have received their second dose, they are up to date and there is no need to have the second MMR dose earlier than scheduled.

However, if your child is school-age and has only had one MMR dose, or has not been vaccinated at all, they should be vaccinated as soon as possible.

For more information about what to do in an outbreak of Measles please read Measles outbreak; what to do

For more information about the MMR vaccine please read Who should have the MMR vaccine

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