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How to make a complaint

Our aim is to give you the highest possible standard of care and we sincerely hope that you will not be given cause to complain.

Raise concerns early

If you are not satisfied with the care you are receiving then we would like to know as soon as possible, so that we can put things right. We would much rather address your concerns early and informally before things get any worse. Please raise your concerns with the Dr or nurse involved in your care, but if you prefer you can raise the issue with any member of the team.

Formal complaint procedure

Should you wish to make a formal complaint then please submit this in writing.


We take complaints seriously

What we do when we do receive a complaint:

  • We make sure they are properly investigated and will give you a full explanation to your concerns.
  • We will offer your the opportunity to discuss your concerns with those involved.
  • We will look for where care has fallen short of the standard expected of us and apologise.
  • We take any corrective actions required and also make sure the individuals involved and the wider team learn from the experience so the same mistakes are not repeated.

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